Up De Ting: Liming with Kristen Walker

When it comes to the music of Barbados, you immediately think of Soca, Reggae, Calypso, Dancehall... Alison Hinds, Rupee, The Merrymen, and yes, Rihanna. This time around, those weren't the first artists that came to mind. This time around, we were thinking of Kristen Walker. We have been following the Bajan artist since hearing the infectious rhythm, and soothing vibe of her song, "All Of My Lovin'," when it dropped last summer. The track was produced by Brampton's own WayCool collective, which led us to some questions:

How did an artist from Barbados link up with producers in Brampton, Ontario - of all places?

What was the production process like?

How did these two groups meet?

Who is Kristen Walker, really?

So, when half of BanTOR Radio (Ola) had her third visit to the island planned, how could she leave an interview with Walker out of the equation?

With influences of Jazz, R&B and Hip-Hop, Walker's music takes you to a place. That place, can be interpreted by the listener. In this case, that place has palm trees, a beach off the main road, mac pie and rum punch. In this exclusive BanTOR Radio podcast, we had tea with the artist in Hastings, Barbados to chat about her success with “All Of my Lovin’,” Toronto connections, growing up Bajan, and what the future holds.

DISCLAIMER:  This interview was conducted solo, not in a studio, but outdoors on a patio. Keep your ears open for island sounds (including a few ZR horns).