Charlotte Day Wilson escalates solidarity through visuals for 'Work'

Yesterday, Toronto R&B-soulstress innovator, Charlotte Day Wilson, released the simple, yet stunning visuals for her track, 'Work.'

"Cause people come and go, but you should know, that I will take it slow," she sings in the chorus. Such is the pace of the music video, as Wilson and director, Fantavious Fritz collaborated with "many intelligent, strong and compassionate women, genderqueer and trans folks close to Charlotte," and the crew, who invited other strangers, family and friends to ride in compassion, love, hope and solidarity.

In light of the recent Women's March on Washington, and its global impact, 'Work' comes at an excellent time, if not a symbol of the efforts and 'work' that we will need to employ on a daily basis to make a difference. Fritz writes, "Work re-imagines the familiar image of people commuting to work as a moving portrait," and the escalator is at an undisclosed TTC station. Both images resonate: everyday people on their way to make a living, using an everyday form of transit.

In a recent NPR feature, Wilson said, "I really wanted to use shooting the video as an opportunity to organize an afternoon of camaraderie with an amazing group of women, genderqueer and trans folks from my community in Toronto. People got to know each other, make new friends and bask in the powerful energy that occupied an otherwise ordinary, mundane space."

As Wilson sings, "It's going to take a little time, but with you by my side, I won't let go, 'til I've got what's mine," this statement rings true. 'Work' is a piece of strength and unity, and one that we really need right now, more than ever.


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