TiKA & Harrison fill the void with 'Debt'

TIKA drops her lush, gorgeous love song, 'Debt,' today. It's a special collaboration with fellow Toronto artist and JUNO-nominated producer, Harrison.  

'Debt,' is TiKA's tribute to the true essence of the love song. Sampling elements of the 1960s, and reminiscent of The Supremes and The Isley Brothers, TiKA delivers her own unique flavour in every note. Harrison delved into piecing together rhodes and bells while TiKA's Motown-driven lyricism and flow partner with her heritage.

“I am the rice & peas; you are the oxtail to my gravy, baby, the nourishment I need/ You fulfill my dreams/ I am forever indebted to you.” TiKA croons with sharp, yet graceful execution, highlighting her Jamaican roots.

 Photo by Anthony Gebrehiwot

Photo by Anthony Gebrehiwot

You can catch TiKA performing live on Thursday, October 5th at Music Room for A3C Festival in Atlanta, GA. Purchase tickets here.


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