BanTOR VIEWS: People are the key to Haus Orpheus

Haus Orpheus may be new to the neighbourhood, but they’re opening doors for many communities.

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Built by artists John Orpheus and Sarah Riegler; a nomadic duo of sorts that met in Toronto by chance and manifested something greater than themselves with pure intent. Their inclusive, innovative event series features art in various mediums - whether through music, dance, spoken word, live painting, comedy, socially conscious vendors and spiritual vibes - it fills the void for those seeking a community embedded in Pan-Africanism, inter-sectional feminism and decolonization, all-the-while smashing the white, hetero-normative patriarchy, creating a movement in the process.

Their own career journeys are vast and articulate, their heritage vibrant, and rooted in resistance; their friendship is strong and invested in a mutual set of values; Haus Orpheus is the foundation, and people are they key that opens the door. We caught up at La Bella Managua in Bloorcourt (aka The World In Ten Blocks) for some Nicaraguan food to discuss their partnership, unique life experiences and what it takes to maintain something fresh and bold on the scene.

Experience Haus Orpheus first-hand by checking out their next event, Dance It Down, happening on Thursday, November 2 at Art Square Gallery in Toronto. Find all details on the lineup here.


Featured Tracks:
"So We Do It" - John Orpheus - Black Star Rising
"Jiggy AF" - John Orpheus - Bacchanal

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