Interview: A (Second) Round with Clairmont The Second

It's been nearly two years since we first sat down with a 17-year-old Clairmont The Second at Weston Public Library in Toronto's west end. We're back with a follow-up interview to discuss everything that's happened in between. His latest release, Quest For Milk and Honey, a recent tour run with SonReal, defining his M.O., and the person he is today. Press play for more.


In our first interview with Clairmont the Second (almost two years ago, and our first ever artist feature), we referenced his dislike for bus fare, goal to buy a whip, love for sour candy and Jones soda. His Project II lyric, you can’t have drive with flat tires, and without drive, you can’t get to where you desire, rings true – with or without the car. Now, he’s 19. We thought he was grown then. Let’s talk about now.

This summer, he received boisterous praise for his third album, Quest For Milk and Honey, and endless applause at numerous gigs with artists such as a l l I e, Harrison, Tennyson, Kilamanjaro, and more. Last month, he skipped the bus stops to hit the road for a string of tour dates with Vancouver rapper, SonReal. Jones soda is now one of many options, and the world is in the palm of his hands.