Mosaic Mix Vol.13 - Fall Fete

As another season passes and the fourth quarter takes shape, I wanted to produce a mix that honoured the birthdays of some very special people in my life (they all happen to be womxn and love global sounds, too!) expressing my gratitude for their presence, support and simply being who they are. This mix honours the ‘Fall Fete.’

Fall is a blend of birth and death; the dying of the leaves and trees, and the birth of new ideas. A change of pace, whether to speed up or slow down - you’ll find a lot of these themes reflected in the playlist I’ve curated. Whether lyrically or within the rhythm or tempo, it flows between each vibe, setting a tone for the waves we ride in this season of simultaneous inner development and outward expression. I hope you feel its richness and warmth, much like an autumn palette or the heat of a dancefloor as you retreat from the cold that fills the air.

Birthday blessings to: Tanya, my Mom, Bo, Ali, Nina, Ida, Steph and Marijke - love you all!

con abbracci,


1.     2 Seater (feat. Planet Giza) – Lou Phelps – CANADA/HAITI

2.     Diamonds and Pearls – Yung Nnelg – NETHERLANDS

3.     Double Trouble – Hua Li – CANADA/CHINA

4.     555 (SPIRIT <3) – Sydanie – CANADA/JAMAICA/TRINIDAD

5.     Brujeria – Aja – PUERTO RICO/US

6.     Between Water – Casey MQ – CANADA

7.     Inkolelo – Goldie, James Davidson, Subjective – UK/JAMAICA

8.     It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) – Peggy Gou –KOREA/ GERMANY

9.     Ramallahmusikraum – Makimakkuk – PALESTINE

10.  TNE – Saye Skye – IRAN/CANADA

11.  Issokay – Yemi Alade – NIGERIA

12.  Como Soy – Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, Pacho – US/ PUERTO RICO

13.  Estamos Bien (Uproot Andy Remix) – Bad Bunny – PUERTO RICO/CANADA/US

14.  Ladies Move (feat.da P) – Planet Giza – CANADA

15.  Miami – Kali Uchis and BIA – COLOMBIA/ITALY/PUERTO RICO/ US

16.  Ma Time – Nathy Peluso – ARGENTINA

17.  Hot Butter – Nathy Peluso – ARGENTINA

Produced by Ola Mazzuca