Mamalia: Do you know how much you shine?

Relocation. Transformation. Inspiration. Reclamation. These are four words that could describe Mamalia’s journey over the past decade. As she moves through each facet and phase of life, no matter the up or down, she does it in style.

The lifelong artist and performer has been captivating audiences since the family livingroom days in England, where she was born, to Vancouver, where she was raised. A member of the acclaimed JUNO-nominated neo-jazz group (still...they kept genre-bending and blending), Sekoya, and deep into the industry, she weaved her way through scenes locally and abroad, when she toured relentlessly before the band’s puzzle pieces dissolved into new endeavours.

Intuition and curiosity called her to move to Sweden, where she immersed herself in the world of production, collaboration, travel and love in a season of Joyful Rebellion. Now in Toronto, Mamalia is rediscovering her roots, planting new seeds and watering her soul to reclaim the inner artist with unparalleled passion. In this episode, we discuss Mamalia’s  growth through sonic, mindful practice, connecting with others, her heritage and unique upbringing, while revisiting her storied career.


Featured tracks:
"Steamclock Heart" - Mamalia (prod. KenJanAi) - from the Faceless Heroes LP
"Be Natural" - Fertile Ground

Catch Mamalia at the Hip Hop Weekend Kalmar in Kalmar, Sweden - details here.

Purchase/stream Mamalia & Quaid's re-issue of "Monologue In A Zoo" via Tokyo Dawn Records

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Produced by Ola Mazzuca