INTERVIEW: Mykal Gannon


I bumped into Mykal Gannon earlier this fall at a show at Adelaide Hall and told him I had to have him on the show. He's been on my radar for the past year after rebranding himself following from his previous moniker Myniakal. I was interested in what promoted the switch up and where he plans to take his music next. He's always had a dark aesthetic to his music but has recently stepped that up with his new title Mykal Gannon and The American Way of Death.

We talk about his psychedelic rock influences, the rise of the trap rockstar, post-trap, modern abstract painter Mark Rathko, the meaning of The American Way of Death and much more.


Featured tracks

'NIGHTSHIFT BURNOUT / prod. Goldsoul and Luca Mauti' - Mykal Gannon                                    'VANITY FAIR / PROD. AVIUS AND GOLDSOUL' - Mykal Gannon

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Produced by Nuruddin Qorane