Sean Leon Previews 'Black Sheep Nirvana' on SoundCloud

Sean Leon has been stoking the fires surrounding his upcoming project 'Black Sheep Nirvana' for the better part of 2016. Earlier this year he released singles with Daniel Ceasar and Wondagurl that had many anticipating BSN was on its way. After staying quiet for over 6 months Leon has given a taste of what's to come with 'LIFE WHEN YOU'RE THE MOVIE (PREVIEWS)'. 6 new tracks combined with the previous released 3 to make a fitting trailer for the feature film.  

With his last project Narcissus, The Drowning of EgoLeon separated himself from local contemporaries and flexed his unique aesthetic. These latest releases show he's continuing that trend and laying the pieces in place for Black Sheep Nirvana.  

The playlist is split into 3 parts (I THINK YOU'VE GONE MAD/ I CAN SEE A BLUE SKY FROM HERE/ BLACK SHEEP EUPHORIA) which indicates the full release will have an overarching concept. The list includes production from Eestbound, MadeAt2AM, Sean Leon and the aforementioned Wondagurl. Leon delivers verses on family, his past and what his future is looking like over the playlist's 9 tracks. Speaking with Blare Magazine about the meaning behind the title Black Sheep Nirvana Leon said:

"It’s called Black Sheep Nirvana because my daughter’s name is Xylo Hailey-Nirvana Leon. The project is for her because her existence touched me in a way and affected me so deeply that it bled into my art. I’m so grateful for her and so blessed to have her so this is the best gift I could give her. There’s that and then there’s a juxtaposition too; because of this beautiful soul that my girlfriend and I conceived, I have this responsibility to now protect this really beautiful thing and I’ll do whatever I have to do to protect her. If that means I have to wake up and set the rest of the world on fire to do so, then I’ll do that.

So it’s this juxtaposition of this “black sheep”, this hard, dark aggression, and then “nirvana”, this really sweet, perfect little girl that is my daughter. Those euphoric moments… fatherhood is just absolute euphoria at times. It’s crazy (laughs). I know I could rant about it forever. I just see her in my head and then I just get lost. But it’s just that. It’s capturing these moments but then also realizing that I need to do what I have to do, no matter what, so she is okay and her mother is okay and our family is okay. The title is about all of that and that’s Black Sheep Nirvana."

If this preview is an indication of what's to come with BSM, hip hop heads should prepare to meet nirvana.