BanTOR VIEWS: Maylee Todd and the Sound of Samsara

Maylee Todd lives through Acts Of Love.

Whether on stage, or in everyday life, it’s the title of her new album, which resonates with sentiments of spirituality, rebirth, human connection and immense personal growth. A highly vulnerable and exceptionally executed piece of work, the Toronto artist delivered the music through Virtual Womb.


Maylee invited audiences to step inside a vulva, smash their egos upon entry and delve into their own acts of love through a live, kaleidoscopic audiovisual trip. Through this, Maylee has examined her own journey, and other perspectives, which has resulted in awakening, cultivation of skill and collective consciousness.

We sat down with Maylee to delve into these subjects, and reflect on heritage, witty womxn, meditation, and how fast food can inspire a hot track.   


Featured tracks:
1. Dowtown
2. Arbys Combo 1
* both by Maylee Todd, from Acts Of Love

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Produced by Ola Mazzuca