Adria Kain Gives a Peek into the Process with Audio Journal Series

Creating art that resonates is an all encompassing process that requires time. This tenet has fallen deaf on many creating in the SoundCloud era, with the desire to stay relevant driving many to push out content regardless of it's quality. Adria Kain stands as a sharp contrast to this and has given insight into her creative process with her audio journal series Broke Laptop.

Over the past 4 weeks Adria has shared parts of songs, live conversations with friends and added background on her artistic process (I especially like the latest journal where she reflects on her inspiration for Pineapple Dreams). The journals are split into 4 chapters called Lost My Way, Let You Go, Black & Broke, But Blessed and Pineapple Dreams. They include a range of sounds with production from BriskInTheHouse, Jack Rochon and Nate Smith just to name a few. Adria also isn't alone on the vocal side with friend of the show DESIRE also appearing. The entire series has me very excited for Adria Kain's next project and is an amazing offering on its own. Listen to The Broke Laptop Series below: