REVIEW: 'Metrosexual' by TY SENØJ✨

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a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste

At BanTOR we always look for and feature artists with a unique vision. With a music scene growing as fast as Toronto's it's much easier to rock with an artist doing something fresh and original versus the many copycats that flood our DMs. A well cultivated aesthetic and sound is rare to find with hypebeasts looking to emulate rather than create. Which brings us to Metrosexual by TY SENØJ✨. 

I started following TY after listening to his single 'Who Put It' earlier in the year. I instantly vibed with Ricky Anthony's heavy guitar production and TY's flow which had him literally screaming the lyrics at certain points. The track is so different from much of what is on SoundCloud and I respected the fuck out of him for experimenting with such crazy sounds. That track has a Death Grips meets ASAP Rocky at Paris Fashion Week vibe that banged.

I had the release party for this project circled on my calendar but had to settle for listening on SoundCloud after coming down with a bad cold. It's shitty because Metrosexual is an EP made for large rooms, or rather runways. Its sharp synths, rapid drum patterns and many vocal cadences give the whole project a high fashion feel. 

Metrosexual kicks off with the tracks Famous, Metroflexual and FlauntEach features Ty singing about his pursuit for fine fitting linens and a bad bitch that won't look out of place posing next to him. Solid production with a some distortion can be found on these opening songs. The next are my two favourite cuts off the project, Bag Dad and Frozen. The first brings the raw heavy aggression Ty has shown in the past on tracks like 'Who Put It'.  Frozen which follows, is a much different offering and is a runway tune through and through. I don't go to many fashion shows but this just sounds like something that would be played at a Vogue photoshoot. Rounding out the tape is Drones and Dome ft.Marvel Alexander and Bananas.  Drones and Dome is the shortest track on the EP and contains the only feature, which is a spoken word verse from LA based artist Marvel AlexanderBananas is a bouncy cut that pays homage to that classic Gwen Stefani tune. The hook is on this one is contagious.

Metrosexual, likes the artist that crafted it, defies genre and boldly goes where no pozer has before. S/O to Krinny who mixed and mastered the entire EP. Listen and follow TY SENØJ✨ on SoundCloud