Interview: Firing up the club with Freeza Chin

If you’re at a club and Freeza Chin is on deck, the air, and your drink, might get a little bit merky.

Not "murky" as in dark and dirty, but "merky" as in raw and grimy.

Echoing the sound of London’s underground, Freeza brings his unique style of production, mixing and mastering to the table. From Toronto studios to nightlife, he has covered a vast array of genres, ranging from dub, jungle, house, reggae, dancehall, grime and more, working with esteemed artists such as Tre Mission, Wiley, Dhamiri, DJ Drama, D Double E, and more.

Known for his leading presence at parties such as the now defunct, but cherished, Toronto Funky, BUMP and Baregyal, Freeza Chin is far from cold – he sets the place on fire.

We sat down for a chat with Freeza Chin at Sandbox Studios, in advance of a string of November events, to discuss London grime, Boiler Room, underage raving, Muay Thai and the magic of good production.




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