Why Are Sean Leon & Jazz Cartier Trading Shots?



2016 started with bad blood between Toronto artists Sean Leon and Jazz Cartier, and it seems its going to end that way as well. I have love for both these guys so its sad to see they really don't fuck with each other, despite both calling our city home. Hip hop was born out of emcee's battling it out over break beats so there shouldn't be anything wrong with a little healthy competition, right? Lets go back to the top of 2016. A world where Jazz and Sean we're collaborating and Donald Trump wasn't the president of the United States. 


It was NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto and the whole city was lit. There was no better time to drop a trappy, ball inspired tune from two of the city's biggest up and coming rappers. Should have been all smiles and slam dunks right? Sean and Jazz worked on the song 'Above The Rim' together which is where the disagreements started. 

I've read in some places that a video was supposed to be done for ATR but Jazz's camp was flopping, other sources say Sean felt like Jazz was biting him too much so he scrapped the partnership. Whatever it was, post-Above The Rim the relationship between the two was not the same. 

The beef was thrust back into the public eye when Jazz dropped his latest single 'PREE'. I initially didn't even know he was taking a shot at Sean until I listened up to the end of the song. The nursery rhyme 'black sheep, black sheep, have you any wool?' eerily plays to close out the track. This is an obvious subliminal dig at Sean Leon and his upcoming album 'BLACK SHEEP NIRVANA'. When the rest of the song is looked at through that context it is very clear this is a diss record

Couple of days later Sean fired back with his own record but didn't include many subliminals. Sean literally put the mans voice on the record biggin' him up in a previous interview to start it off. He then proceeds to call himself Jazz's favourite rapper in Kendrick's vice city flow. Our friends at KanyeToThe did God's work and genius'd the track:

Maui Slim your biggest inspiration why you acting like I ain't your Favourite rapper (self explanatory. sean feels like he's jazz's inspiration ie. jazz bit him)

You to the type to see me out in public give me daps and love and then be
Hating after
(jazz was talking sweet in the intro clip from an interview but in reality they have beef)

I'mma **** you like your label ****s you a little nigga telling
Tall tales
(jazz is actually on universal but acts independent because his label doesn't really care about him i guess? his label isn't giving him proper support

Parkdale with the cartel we bout to break the bricks down in
(sean and ixxi bought to send mans for jazz)

2 twos you got basic bars you ain't up to par you a
Party planner
Black Sheep we don't entertain em, we put em in a grave and
Throw a party after
(get home safe used to be known for their parties [like the one in the KOTF video] but ixxi will just **** u up)

Jazz responded to Sean's track with a tweet referencing Drake's line from Charged Up about charity. He was doing charity work for Roots Canada the day of so the response kinda makes sense... Though he's since deleted that tweet after HipHopCanada called him out for it being lame. Sean is set to drop his BLACK SHEEP NIRVANA trilogy in 2017 and Jazz is will be touring France. What will come next is anybody's guess.