BanTOR Best Of: 2016

What can we say? There's so much to say...

We know, we know... you expected a year end list of music we loved, right? To be honest, we proclaim this daily via Twitter and Facebook. So we thought we'd say "thanks," instead.

This year was filled with amazing music and consistent growth for the Toronto music scene. BanTOR Radio was able to share some incredible stories, meaningful anecdotes and innovative work from some of the city's great artists and producers.

We started the year by establishing a new format, as we focused on featuring artists through in-depth interview segments and all original work, from inception to completion. BanTOR has always been adamant about creating our own content, whether this includes photography, video, audio and interview structure. Between the two of us, it can get hectic. But it's a "good busy," because we are pursuing our passions and doing what we love.

In April, we had the incredible opportunity to partner with Frank & Oak, a lifestyle brand and clothing label from Montreal, for a live podcast event at their Toronto flagship store at Queen and Tecumseth. We played custom-curated mixes as customers shopped, taking breaks in between to interview Toronto-based band, Ascot Royals, followed by an exclusive acoustic set. We also chatted with longtime friend and Mississauga producer, Falcxne, who brought his international flavour and Montreal connection to the mix.


While we were still very committed to our DIY process, we felt it was time to hit the studio for some quality audio production and engineering support. In the summer, we started recording with the amazing folks at Sandbox Studios, which has helped us produce and deliver all of the great discussions you've listened to this season. Their professionalism and support is incredibly invaluable, and such a big part of the final product.

 Our first session at Sandbox Studios with Dalia Dargazli.

Our first session at Sandbox Studios with Dalia Dargazli.

In the fall, we continued to promote the local scene by attending shows and watching friends of the podcast thrive in their art. Whether it was a Balance Live event, or showcase by T i K A, every one brought inspiration and joy to our ears.


It's because we believe in you, and aspire to continue witnessing all of YOU thrive (while we do, too).

We recently launched on iTunes, and damn, is it a cool feeling to see BanTOR Radio come up in the search results (as lame as that sounds), because we want to make sonic diversity and storytelling accessible to all ears, on all devices, around the world.

No matter the size of the support, friends or family, new or old, silent or loud, it is all appreciated. In short, we cannot do what we do without this mutual support of our goals. While the list will continue to grow, we are working to progress as BanTOR Radio - a brand and platform to promote innovative sounds from Toronto and the GTA, with international connections in between, and the stories of the artists that make them.

Thanks for an incredible year! Looking forward to more good vibes in 2017.

Ola Mazzuca & Nuruddin Qorane | BanTOR Radio

 Thanks for a great year!

Thanks for a great year!

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