Sean Leon Conducts Solo Interview

On the same day as his daughter's birthday, Sean Leon released a solo interview that covers a variety of topics. Recently Leon has been vocal on Twitter, getting into heated discussions with journalists and artists over the quality of music journalism in today's media landscape. Apart from that he's also had to fire back at Jazz Cartier after a subliminal diss and is in the final stages of finishing the first part of Black Sheep Nirvana. So the man has a lot going on and some of it needed to be addressed.

The recording made on December 21st features Leon speaking about the creative process and struggle in crafting BSN, the musical renaissance in Toronto, the Jazz beef, his philosophy behind 'Life When You're The Movie'his own sanity and so much more. The 27 minute interview is very enlightening and worth a listen. Hopefully we at BanTOR can get Sean Leon down to Sandbox Studios soon to follow up on some of those points. He also teased that 'I Think You've Gone Mad' may be released on Christmas, so fingers crossed. Listen to the interview below.