Just over 2 weeks ago Sean Leon surprised everyone by dropping 'LIFE WHEN YOU'RE THE MOVIE (PREVIEWS)'. The 9 track playlist previewed whats to come with the BLACK SHEEP NIRVANA trilogy which will span 3 projects: I THINK YOU'VE GONE MAD, I CAN SEE A BLUE SKY FROM HERE & BLACK SHEEP EUPHORIA. More recently Leon has delivered a taste of what the visuals accompanying the music will look like.

In an email to fans Leon detailed his mission and previewed his upcoming short film LIFE WHEN YOU'RE THE MOVIE,  which will premiere on January 30.  The independent film takes the viewer into the mind of Sean Leon through an abstract dream-like sequence of events inspired by the sounds of BLACK SHEEP NIRVANA. Speaking with Noisey in 2014 Leon spoke of the importance he places on the visuals saying:

"I started "reversioning" videos, so I would take a popular or obscure visual that matches the feel of the visual and re-score it with my music, no different than how Tarantino or Scorsese would score their films. I always credit the director and cinematographers and whoever else is involved with the original work, it's important to me that they receive their credit, but it's also important to me that I have visuals for my music that aren't just me standing in front of the CN Tower, rapping. If I'm spending 20 hours a day on my records I want visuals that reflect that. I take it seriously, I make it so that it's so cohesive your first thought isn't, “he stole this,” your first thought is “this is amazing.”

Leon's unorthodox method of premiering content falls in line with his philosophy that his music should be discovered, not presented to you. His distrust in major labels, distribution, radio and blogs has led him to launch his own media campaign; one where his sole voice is promoting his vision. 

In a string of tweets Leon announced plans to release 'I THINK YOU'VE GONE MAD' in December and 'I CAN SEE A BLUE SKY' in January. He also said he has EP's with Toronto producers Eestbound and WondaGurl who he frequently collaborates with.

Check out the teaser for LIFE WHEN YOU'RE THE MOVIE below and reserve a seat at the premiere here.