Mosaic Mix Vol. 10 x 25

Ever wonder what it would be like to soundtrack your own signature night out - from start to finish? Getting ready, the pre-jam, dancefloor antics, cab rides and everything in between?

On this episode of the Mosaic Mix, I’m celebrating my (xxth) birthday by sharing 25 local and international sounds that have inspired me over the last short while. In doing so, I wanted to delve into how each track represents the stages of a crazy-fun-sexy-cool night out. Why I chose them, the vibes they bring, with some fun facts.

It’s been an extremely wild ride, and producing the Mosaic Mix has been one of the most restorative projects in the process. Music (from Toronto and around the globe) is an immense passion, and I’m so glad BanTOR Radio can share these mixes with you, month after month. Thank you for listening.






Magalenha (Jaël Remix) – Sergio Mendes (Brazil, Netherlands): A classic Sergio Mendes tune remixed by Dutch DJ/producer, Jaël. Magalenha seems like this mythical woman in my mind who is unabashedly bold, fearless, beautiful and free. With its baile funk beat and percussive elements, Jaël’s remix is progressive and a refreshing contemporary club edit on the song.

Yeah Yeah – Aidonia (Jamaica): My go-to drink before heading out the door is Mount Gay Black Barrel mixed with Grace Island Soda Ginger Beer, Sorrel and Lime. That is all.

Dale – Nina Dioz (Mexico): An amazing rapper out of Mexico. My cuz knows that I use this phrase often – inside jokes and more. Let’s go!

All About Me – Syd (USA): Not much of a world music hit, but Syd’s standout single from Always Never Home is hard not to include. Call it narcissistic. I call it self-knowledge and solidarity with the homies.

LMK – Kelela (USA): Might catch a wine, or five, but that doesn’t mean she’s giving you her number.

Last Breath – Yaeji (USA, Korea): I am a huge fan of Yaeji – she is absolutely killing it. Not only a talented producer that merges contemporary indie dance tunes, with elements of classic house, techno, jungle and 80s synths, she’s a singer of minimalist, graceful vox and rapper of sharp-cut Korean bars. Although she has been living in the US for some time now, she preserves her roots well, and with style.

Renegade Mastah – HI-LO (Netherlands): Oliver Heldens’ alias of HI-LO has bred an array of killer bass house tracks. This edit of Wildchild’s original of the same name (which I loved as a kid…blame underage viewing of Electric Circus) is pure riser shit. Oliver Heldens plays The Warehouse Project in Manchester today…ill behaviour. 

Techno Trance (Paradise Is Now) – D-Shake (Netherlands): I heard this in a Goldie set once and it encompasses everything I love about rave and club culture. Released before I was born, Techno Trance is exactly that – and there is a reason why it’s dubbed “Paradise Is Now.” Well, you gotta understand to like it, and like it to understand it. Maybe that’s just me. Berghain calls.

O Crewzinho (Sango Mix) – Goldlink (USA): A Mosaic Mix without Baile Funk (or Sango) is like a shot of tequila without salt and lime. Here’s his edit of Goldlink’s summer 2017 jam, “Crew”, feat. Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy – which is nominated for a 2018 Grammy in the category of Best Rap/ Sung Performance.

In Those Jeans – Herve Pagez (France): Krs. Dropped this during his Toronto Boiler Room set this summer. More Funk beats here – fight me.

Bist Du Down? feat. Kwam.E (Ruck P Remix) – Ace Tee (Germany): I really love Ace Tee – she’s an amazing artist from Hamburg, Germany that blends 90s R&B with contemporary rap styles. This Ruck P remix adds a funky bounce.

On My Mind feat. Preditah (GOVI Remix) – Jorja Smith (UK, Canada): Anthemic. Resonates. Lyrically. Sonically. Oprah said it all too well. Great remix by Toronto’s own, GOVI.

1996 – Chimpo (UK): Ola at Factory251, with a Red Stripe in the dance. December 2014. Chimpo keeps the essence of MCR alive. Big tune.

Dola Igloo Snip – Manara (UK, Pakistan): Manara is so dope. I love this mashup of the song, “Dola Re” from the 2012 Bollywood film, Devdas.

$20 – M.I.A. (UK, Sri Lanka): This is an underrated classic from Kala. M.I.A. samples The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” in fearless protest. I’m an M.I.A. stan, so this had to fit in somewhere.

Keep It G – IAMDDB (UK): IAMDDB is an MCR artist on the come up. Undefined, but inspired by soul, jazz, R&B and hip-hop, “Keep It G” has this spiritual aura about it as IAMDDB stands her ground and emotes confidence through her resonant vocal style, and she does it with heart.

Afro Trap Part 9 (Faus Le Wet) – MHD (France): 9 parts of Afro Trap, people! MHD keeps churning them out from the 19th Arondissement of Paris.

Von Party Zu Party – SXTN (Germany): SXTN is a wild German rapper really killing it right now. Mirroring the tempo of MHD, with vocals that inspire call-and-response, dancehall rhythms and Afrobeat pulse, and EDM enough for the club.

Emo Kid – Ground Shaker – Gqom (South Africa): The boob sweat is super intense now…tempo and heat rising in unison. Had to include a new cut from Durban’s own Gqom pioneers.

Sexus Plexus Nexus – Pierre Kwenders (Congo, Canada): Oh, look! Those people aren’t using their booth anymore! Let’s snag those couches. Time to break, and turning down a notch with the sounds of Montreal-based, Congo-born Pierre Kwenders. 

Me Voy feat. Mala Rodriguez – Ibeyi (Cuba, Venezuela, France, Spain): The homies don’t want to get up – they’re mooching off this leftover vodka and cran the booth’s previous tenants ordered for bottle service. So, we bond over our womxn bullshit.

La Capacidad (Pernett Jaguarmix) – Lido Pimienta (Colombia, Canada): I am capable…to look at life’s challenges in the face, take another sip of this drink, and return to the dancefloor. Thank you, Lido.

Drink I’m Sippin’ On – Yaeji (Korea, USA): …is now water.

The Muse (feat. Jennifer Kreisberg) – A Tribe Called Red (Canada): Last call is approaching and some of the homies want to leave, but 2 am is too early. So, you grab the last dance solo, in the spotlight – who’s down for an afterhours? This song by ATCR reflects that feeling.

Turn Off The Light (Harrison Remix) – Nelly Furtado (Canada): This song has been a personal soundtrack for some time now. It encompasses a lot of symbolism (in the title and lyrics) and is an inside joke of how some people have said I look like Nelly Furtado. Harrison’s remix is reminiscent of a 3 am walk home after the party, headphones on, singing at the top of your lungs and dancing all the way down the block. Like Nelly gracefully trills, “I live my life by the moon…"