aqvol: 🔥 But Not Toronto

Every once in awhile an artist outside our region piques our interest. '🔥 But Not Toronto' exists for that reason

Recent looks from the BEVSTMODE roster have put Broward County based aqvol on the radar of many in the city. The Florida county has been getting renewed attention lately with artists like XXXTENTACION and Pouya making noise for those ends. While their sounds reflect the harsh realities of living in the south, aqvol has a much different lane.

I became familiar with his lucid, drug induced sound on his first release Short & Bittersweetwhich was released at the tail end of last year. Through those 4 tracks I got a sense of what the Florida artist was capable of; but like the title implied the project was over far too quickly. Additionally, his work with UK artist NYQUILL is some of the best shit on SoundCloud.

Eclectic has aqvol revisiting his signature sound and finesse at navigating flows. While technically not a rapper, his ability to switch up melodies from hook to verse are impressive. The Florida native links up with Mississauga producer rare for Call Me Back and dabbles with chopped and screwed elements on Sip The 36. The project is experimental while still remaining true to his core sound; its a perfect jump off for anyone unfamiliar with aqvol.