BanTOR Views: Tabban has every opportunity to catch

Tabban Soleimani is a Toronto multimedia artist and illustrator that believes in confronting your truth – even when you don’t want to face yourself. But what if your mirror is a canvas, offering insight to what ruminates in the soul? Tabban’s journey has been that and more; her unique pieces, comprised of vibrant palettes, notable linework and innovative concepts, speak to the human condition, fueled by heavy reflection and deep empathy.

From major collaborations with the likes of Air Jordan and Adidas, to paintings for thought-provoking exhibitions on love, custom sneakers and enamel pins, or the genius of Sticker Ting – her app bringing Toronto vernacular to life – Tabban continues to grow through each sketch.

But nothing comes easy in the rough draft. Following a near-fatal accident in 2012, Tabban experienced a major spirit shift, changing the way she approached all aspects of life. Formally, it was her “opportunity to miss” that propelled this. Six years later, she is moving forward with every opportunity to catch.  

I hung out with Tabban at her old stomping grounds of OCAD University to chat divine timing, the inspiration behind her work, cultural fluidity, self-worth and why everyone has a seat at the table.  


Featured tracks:
'Laying Low (Cooking Up)' - Sean Leon - C.C.W.M.T.T.
'Pretty Girl Team' - Alkaline

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