McCallaman ensures 'You Got A Friend' through images and words

What better way to celebrate the day of love than with a new video from McCallaman? This friend of the show welcomes Valentine's Day with the stunning new visuals for "You Got A Friend," the culminating track off his It Takes Two EP - what we regarded as a "sonic delve into key elements of human connection, and the many transitions and growth experienced over time."

The Mark Klassen-directed piece touches on the feel-good themes of unconditional love, friendship, and the trials of relationships. Shot between a parking lot atonement dance-off, Parkdale landmark Harry's Charbroil and a house party, the video perfectly illustrates the sentiment tied to a Toronto mood.

"The rain ended up working well as a visual aesthetic," Klassen says of the production process. "It’s funny how so much can be out of your control, but if you can learn to adapt and go with the flow, you’ll come out stronger than ever."

"You Got A Friend is a fun-loving visual excursion highlighting the joys & tensions of relationships," McCallaman expands on the treatment and inspiration behind the track. "Be they platonic or romantic, it’s nice to have someone to trust & confide in; knowing that even if things go south amongst you - there’s still respect."

Watch and share the video below and keep tabs on McCallaman throughout 2018.