First Impressions: The Life of Pablo


by Nuruddin Qorane

Kanye West released the Life of Pablo over the weekend and I sat down to give the album a listen through and write down my immediate impressions after listening to each song. While only supposed to be 10 or 12 songs, Kanye ended up releasing 19! I'm working off a stream that doesn't credit any of the features so they will all be surprises. Pressing play:


Ultralight Beam

sweet and soulful

chance killed his verse

arthur the aardvark for the 90s babies


Father Stretch my Hands

I just zoned and forgot to write my impressions

Loving the Cudi on this

bleached assholes be the subject matter



seamless transition, didn't even know a new song started

no he didn’t!!!

aaahhhh PANDA

that was awesome




the drop in the beginning tho

trying to take back the notion ray j’s dick made his girl famous

dont really fuck with swiss beatz but this mix is proper



This has banger written all over it

yeezus flow with the industrial

people didn’t like his last but I loved it cause it was just like this


Low Lights

Testimony of faith by an unknown vocalist



Is that a Young Thug?

i think me and ray j would be friends too

This is the first banger on the album

Haha he just referenced Diddy punching out his son’s coach

Fruit of Islam thoo


Freestyle 9

whats going onn Kanye?

Is that you future?

ok not future just someone who sounds like him


I Love Kanye

this shoulda been freestyle 9

so meta, so dope, so kanye

So far my favourite song

like he took a break from making music address the kanye bullshit but still made an amamzing song



So far so good this sounds nothing like Max B

I know he’s screaming ‘turn me up’ but he’s saying it so fast it sounds like toenail

Chris Brown is meh

sounds like they reversed the beat



somber keys opening it up

oh shit its Abel

this is very chill


now Kanye’s breaking the beat down

I liked that a lot


Real friends


classic Kanye killing it, we’ve heard this before

‘when was the last time i wasn’t in a hurry?’

The back and forth with Ty is great, has me wondering how long they were in the studio to perfect that



wouldn’t be a Kanye album if Donda didn’t get a reference

the sandwich line got me

Mary in the club surrounded by wolves


Silver Surfer Intermission

Max B from prison interlude

just to clarify that Kanye didn’t steal the wave

stay wavy baby


30 Hours

sounds like a 60s funk sample

those 30 hour drives

HAHA Matt Barnes

this the bonus joint for the album

wasn’t this album only supposed to be 10 tracks long? Almost double that


No More Parties in LA

Another one that was released as part of GOOD fridays, lets see if anythings changed

Kendricks flow killer

instagram is the best way to promote some pussy

haha Kanye’s assistant who crashed his Maybach is a goof


FACTS (Charlie Heat version)

Opening is different

not a complete bite of jumpman

Ye’s verse is still bad tho



fade out the album

Ty Dolla is back

Paris catwalk tune to close it out

Very impressed after my first listen through. Seems like Kanye has learned from what people didn't like on Yeezus and refined that but still kept the aggression. The storytelling and one liners he delivers are so on point as well.