WAYCOOL: Life is crazy.

You don’t need to remind Waycool’s Kyle Wildfern and DviousMindz to top up their PRESTO cards. Cause they have multiple. “Came out with new prestos and a new threshold for pain,” Wildfern spits on "Ex’d Out," his latest banger. A line that defines the relentless drive and true vision of this Brampton-based production house. All joking aside, their cardholder status is unparalleled to the one they hold in the GTA’s music scene.

With production credits on tracks by friends of the show, Jordan Cassius and Kristen Walker, and fellow B-town pals, Josh Dillon and AIONA, the list keeps growing. For this team, “life is crazy,” as they drop Grade-A music on a daily basis.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Brampton is making a name for itself. More than landmarks like Bramalea City Centre, Chinguacousy Park and the infamous PRESTO, it’s about the music. And if Waycool isn’t a prime example of top-notch ambition, we don’t know what is.

We sat down with Waycool's Kyle Wildfern and DviousMindz (with Ankit and AIONA) at Sandbox Studios to delve into the collective's history and unique style.



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