6ix Tunes by BanTOR Radio

The city's music scene is on fire right now. It's piping hot. And the hype IS real.

With an unwavering flow of new artists and bands launching their careers, be it from the ground up or unearthed from the underground, Toronto is a new breeding ground for great music.

That's why we are bringing you 6ix Tunes - a monthly playlist of fresh product from the city's sonic innovators. We started off with hip-hop vibes, tinged with a bit of r&b, trap and downtempo soul, featuring Adria Kain, Daniel Caesar, Nav and River TIber, amongst others.

Press Play.


Here's a rundown of what you might hear:

$ha - "Don't Worry" (prod. Ashley Scott x Batman on the Beatz x Daniel Worthy)
Sounds of reassurance on a syncopated trap backdrop from up and comer $ha.

Adria Kain - "Colours" (prod. by Elaquent)
One of the city's best r&b soulstresses met her production match in this tight collab with Elaquent. Hear her vocal chops and try to catch her live when you can. This gal delivers.

River Tiber - "West" (feat. Daniel Caesar)
Another great pairing between singer/songwriter/producer River Tiber and raw crooner Daniel Caesar. Catch Daniel live at the Mod Club April 15th.

Baka - "Whip"
Don't try to catch a ride with quick witted Baka. He'll leave the party with out you on this track produced by Murdabeatz

Nav - "On My Own"
Self-produced and on the heels of OVO, Rexdale's Nav cruises down Kipling with independence on this bright track. Tre Rose Bakery 4 LYFE.

For The Moment - EDOG ft. 5HEV - "Food Chain"
This is SZA-esque riding on soft guitar strums and 808s. Really digging this Brampton crew's representation of various elements and strong musicality.

Luu Breeze - "All Star Weekend" (Produced by Mike F The Hitman)
Great track to get ready to before a Raptors game in box seats. Toronto born and bred, now relocated to LA, Luu Breeze is on point with his weekend party narrative.

  Wallace Emerson Rooftop  (c) Ola Mazzuca, 2016

Wallace Emerson Rooftop (c) Ola Mazzuca, 2016

Lais - "All I Want"
Love this guy's sound. We're really starting to hear more R&B these days paired against that standard Toronto hip-hop/trappy aesthetic. Lais kind of reminds me of Jahkoy, with a little less house and a little more dirt.

Daniel Caesar - "Won't Live Here"
Wow. That pretty much sums it up. But really. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, this track is vulnerability at its core. Daniel Caesar isn't afraid to express this, and he does it using his top possession: his voice.

"WAVEPOOL" feat. Ty Senoj (Prod. by Swayzeekeep6)
Yeah, yeah, we all on a wave, son. But really - here's a bouncy tune that will inspire to go out and get allllll the money.

Anderson feat. Pharoah (prod. by Cheta) - "Want You"
Sheesha smoke-filled room love poem. Neat back-and-forth between Anderson and Pharoah.

Dalos - "Skrt (Remix)"
Pull up to the Tim Hortons like Skrt Skrt Skrt...Skrt Skrt. Just kidding. Dope tune that's already known across the city, from iPods to cars and majority of the club nights you've been attending.

Sean Leon feat. Jazz Cartier "Above The Rim" (prod. Wondagurl)
Can it get any more impressive in this recipe of Wondagurl's beats, Cartier's shine and Black Sheep Nirvana's king, Sean Leon? Great team killing the game.

878 Dreamteam Smokedawg - "Panda Freestyle"
Toronto's Southside Halal Gang going in. More here: https://twitter.com/878smokey

Blaise Moore - "Hands"
Beautiful sounds coming from the passionate Blaise Moore, who pairs her production, lyrics and melodic, sultry vocals like prosecco and Aperol. Strong flavours, but goes down smooth.

Belly - "Zanzibar (feat. Juicy J)"
Woo - Belly is back! New track featuring Juicy J.

Roy Wood$ - "SKRT (Remix)"
This is if you want to pull up to Tim Hortons and SKRT SKRT SKRT...SKRT SKRT to grab an Earl Grey tea. One milk, one sugar, please. Keep it sweet. Just like Roy Wood$' voice.

Let us know what kind of tunes you'd like us to sift through and select for next month - Tweet us or Reach out : bantor.radio@gmail.com.