The Sorority: A Sonic Sisterhood

The Sorority isn’t a girl’s club, a university alliance, a clique or trend. The Sorority is a progressive hip-hop group spitting fierce bars with grace. Comprised of Phoenix Pagliacci, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis and Haviah Mighty, the squad gained notoriety after completing the first all-female Canadian cypher. But let’s remove that aspect and focus on the truth – their success has nothing to do with gender. The video and track became a viral hit, led to shows across the province and several nods from international artists. Musical knowledge, sharp prose and unparalleled grit are only some of the ingredients key to their success. On Wednesday, March 8th The Sorority celebrated one year since the cypher with a show at Revival - fittingly on International Women’s Day. We had a at Sandbox Studios about how it all came together.   

Note: Due to technical issues, audio from The Sorority's microphones was not picked up. We apologize for the audio quality of this interview.


Watch video for "Ladie's Night" (prod. TRuss):


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