UK duo The Code released 'Blue Electronica'

British producer/vocalist duo The Code released their second mixtape Blue Electronica on Monday and its burning holes in my earbuds. 

Despite being a UK group, the duo sounds seems very inspired by our city with reverb heavy and sedated production that has that signature 6ix echo. So it's no surprise that the pair welcomes Toronto native P Reign on for the track 'Loving you' for some bars about past relationships. 

The entire mixtape is a sonic treat with standout tracks F**K and Wolf being my personal top picks. The pair have found a really good harmony together with the vocals never being overtaken by the powerful synths.

"Blue Electronica means everything to us," The Code told Pigeons & Planes. "It's a creative project using a balanced mixture of various genres, which tackle perspective on sound. It's the next phase in our production and sound as we grow. As much as the first mixtape, it is very important and it's a major step in the journey. To us, and to many, blue is the colour of the sky at its clearest and the sea at its purest. Blue Electronica is deep in the spectrum of music, having its own field from minimal to trance, the drugs, the lights, the sex and the serenity."

Stream the full mixtape below or pre-order Blue Electronica on iTunes.