BanTOR Views: NONTRAST's beauty lies within the grey matter

Differences have formed a beautiful partnership for Toronto experience design studio, NONTRAST. The contrast between founders Bianca Li Channer and Martika Gregory is the catalyst for the innovative work they produce. And the details lie within the grey matter.  

Bianca and Martika have used this space to create projects and products that are non-traditional yet user friendly. Whether developing in-house lifestyle products, or consulting and designing experiences for commercial artists, music and lifestyle brands, their curiosity and authentic connection enables them to look beyond status quo to create something extraordinary.

Perhaps the best example would be the Hustler’s Agenda – their latest endeavour that has grown beyond an organizational planner. It’s a non-binary document for the self-proclaimed ‘finessessional’ that encourages people to create something substantial from limited resources. Industry, profession or interest is out of the picture – all that matters is that you’re defining your future the way you want it. And the agenda’s suave aesthetic sure helps.

Combining their experiences in business, design, music, motherhood, photography and social action, Bianca and Martika’s bond is unparalleled. Unlike the grey matter that lies within the process, or the monochrome palette of the Hustler’s Agenda, NONTRAST is vibrant as it is undefined.

I hung out with the team to learn more about how it all came together, what drives a healthy hustle and why balance is key in producing great work.


Featured Tracks:
Le Fog - Matthew Progress
Khlorine (feat. Smino) - Sango

*Please note: due to location maneuvers and logistics, audio quality varies throughout the interview. But if you can hear the team's story and insights shared, that's all that matters.

Many thanks to Plentea in Parkdale for graciously allowing us to use the space for a mini photoshoot!

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