First Impressions: SEPT. 5th - DVSN

Moving in silence while making sonic waves has always been a skill the folks over at OVO have admired. PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roy Wood$ and even Majid Jordan had their identities firmly shrouded in mystery and let their music tell their story. 

So it's no shock that they mystery surrounding OVO's latest signee, DVSN , is where it's at. The performer or duo or group (whatever it ends up being) performed at SXSW last week but that didn't clarify who or what DVSN is. Some think the act is a duo made up of singer Daniel Daley and Hotline Bling producer Nineteen85 but this hasn't been confirmed. A guest set on OVO Sound Episode 18 gave us a musical introduction to DVSN with a remix of Aaliyah's  One in a Million and some other classic R&B tunes but I'd like to go a little deeper.

The 10 track debut album SEPT. 5th is streaming on Apple Music and I'll be listening through it front to back and recording my first impressions here.

Pressing play:

With Me

Disco synths

Very sweet voice, like honey out the speakers

This has that 95' riding feeling

Fuck wit me na, fuck wit me now

This guitar breakdown at the end is dope

Too Deep

This was released on SoundCloud 3 months ago

bouncy and melodic

The gauge for me on R&B songs is slow danceibilty and this has slow danceibility in spades

Try/ Effortless

Building electronic beat, there's a lot going on here

The snare and drums are on point

the transition into Effortless is good but it doesn't really stand out as a different song

Do It Well

Ayy I found the stripper tune, wouldn't be a complete project without it

So well, so well, so well

The highnote on 'therapy' is the shit

very nicely paced

In + Out

the autotune bit at the beginning threw me off

Yea the autotune was a bad choice for this song

Why autotune when ur voice is already so flames fam?

Sept. 5th

Drop's so hot

the guitar in this album is killer, don't usually hear it used so much in an R&B offering

I could make it better

Now its a screaming echo with booming base

This beat is my fav so far


Another SoundCloud release

treat the fakes like hallucinations

surprised they decided to release this one when I feel like there's much better tracks including in the album

Another One

Spacy with generic lyrics

Not really bad but not exactly good


Soft piano leads beginning with violins in the back

This seems gospel inspired 

Guess this is why he had the choir out for his SXSW performance

No more hiding in the shadows/ bring it all into the light

Very angelic

The Line

Last SoundCloud release and final track. Dropped 5 months ago along with With Me

Slow paced, love making jam

coming back to you

Wonder who the back up vocals are provided by

OVO outro with echo's and spacy keys


Good debut album. DVSN seems to be the answer to all the extra R&B beats Drake has lying around. While the album has some stand out tracks and is a complete project I'm wondering how many people would be listening to DVSN if there wasn't the OVO co-sign. Though the sound fits perfectly with the label and the mystery is there to boot. I'm looking forward to learning more about the group and whats behind their sound. No doubt the DVSN will be receiving a production credit if not a feature on the upcoming Views from the 6.