McCallaman's new duo release welcomes Spring with hope and reflection

McCallaman steps into Spring with a beautiful double release that captures a naturally ethereal vibe - whether through his signature, spiritual vocal style, gorgeous keys, and unprecedented production, or simply his success at striking a chord when it comes to real emotions and speaking truths through his vulnerable, yet often reconciling, lyrics.

 Photo by  Jalani Morgan

Photo by Jalani Morgan


The package begins with 'I Still Believe' - much like one of his previous releases, 'You Got A Friend,' the track is a reflection of McCallaman facing reality and embracing what has transpired out of a relationship with grace and respect.

'Things happen for a reason / we only last for a season / you helped me to believe in / i still believe we are beautiful / i still believe we can do good.'

McCallaman's autotuned vocal switch makes us feel like someone else has hopped on the track with a syncopated verse as range progresses and cadence ebbs and flows in this glorious piece.

'Forest Nymph' is McCallaman's musings of a woman who is as mythical as a figure of lore. He tries to catch her, misses, and continues on his pursuit.

'Her voice flows like the water / a symphony / spirit super gentle / a fallen leaf.'

Once again, the artist draws from elements of nature to reflect a season of rejuvenation and rebirth (water, trees, leaves, the forest). Growth is in the bigger picture as he sings of his subject as sharing insights and learning from them while on this path and experience.

This release is a bright foray into McCallaman's recent work, with a new vibe, and an exciting sample of what we can anticipate this year.


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 Photo by  Jalani Morgan

Photo by Jalani Morgan