6ix Echo: Gravitational Waves & the base beat of Toronto Hip-Hop

Every city has a sound that hip hop heads across the world can readily identify as native to that specific place. Whether it's chopped & screwed in Houston, raw and lyrical in New York or the heavy synths of LA; every place has its own sonic flavour. Though it seems Toronto's signature winter echo is not only the citys beat, but the wave the universe is on.

In early February scientists at the Lazer Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) recorded the sounds of gravitational waves. The waves were first thought up by none other than Albert Einstein and recorded Theory of Relativity which predicted that objects with great mass send out ripples into spacetime. Those ripples are these gravitational waves and  even though Einstein worked on his theory in 1915, scientists have only now been able to confirm their existence with the recordings.

What does all of this have to do with bangers from the 6ix? If you listen closely, the cold echo of the waves sound like hollow and dark beats on SAFE's 'Back 2', Nav's 'TTD' and anything from The Weeknd before he turned into pop's Amharic MJ

Inverse's Yasmin Tayag says it best:

"Adjusted for human hearing, the winterwinds transform into the eerie emptiness of a high-ceilinged chamber, and the bassy heartbeat morphs into the steady, round sound of water droplets. Combined, they're reminiscent of the track behind Drake's "Own It," with it's pulsing blips and heady rush of white noise."