Up With The Chickens: MSTRKRFT is back with new track "Little Red Hen"

This weekend, MSTRKRFT released their new track "Little Red Hen," via Last Gang. It's spastic piece that is far from small. It's spastic, loud and mighty. This hen is more of a rooster, waking up every producer in the studio like all the animals on a farm. The beat and pulse followed by a tremolo-style synth and hi-hat tempo is easy to follow and freak out to - at home or in the club. The track premiered on A-Trak's Beats 1 show, Day Off Radio, followed by an interview. It's been a seven year hiatus for MSTRKRFT and I'm so happy they're back.

Listen to the track and check out the artwork below:

When Toronto natives MSTRKRFT came onto the scene with their European-infused tech electro The Looks, I was smitten. I was only 14 years old, but I got it at the library. At first listen, I wanted it and craved it. The club scene, that is. Their debut album was raw and intense, but nothing compared to their sophomore Fist of God. "Bounce," an insane electro party track featuring N.O.R.E. and Isis Salam (formerly of Thunderheist), was on repeat for weeks. I picked up the album at the Sonic Boom (when they had their Annex location), and it's been a staple piece of electronic music - proudly Canadian - in my collection ever since.

The duo is comprised of Death From Above 1979's Jesse F. Keeler and Missisauga-born Alex Puodziukas, frequently using their clever acronyms "JFK and Al-P." Their punky dance music borrows the distorted elements of DFA1979, but unique with elements of modern-day Kraftwerk, Chemical Brothers and traditional house music. The third LP's release date has yet to be announced, but I'm sure it will be abundant with party bangers.

Ola's note: Here's a throwback to my teenage years... "all I do is party. ha. ha. ha. ha." Let's just say I never understood Noreaga's line "beat the case, Johnny Cochrane" until I watched the OJ Simpson documentary on CBC's The Passionate Eye.