Interview: McCallaman

This Saturday Producer/DJ McCallaman will be opening up for Goldlink at The Velvet Underground. Nur caught up with him in late 2015 to discuss his EP Black Pop, why he prefers the shadows, Black Lives Matter and much more. Listen to the interview and check out a short doc produced out of their talk below. 

At this moment I think it's undeniable that the black community is being targeted by certain establishments, institutions and people. It's very obvious, even to those who aren't black that something is going on. A lot of times the black contribution is overlooked I feel. What we contribute to society culturally or even in terms of our inventions, are taken from us and we're left with nothing, not even recognition for what we've done. We're also misrepresented so that the only image black kids see, or white people see, is a negative image of black people which just perpetuates the violence against us.