HMLT will share new sounds at EP release jam

Toronto/GTA brother duo, HMLT, will deliver a project dedicated to perhaps the strongest human action/emotion/feeling/force; love. On Saturday, March 11, the group will perform at their EP release show, presented by Balance.

Aptly titled, buu, this is the first debut EP from these talented siblings, and highlights facets of love, including "commitment, self-doubt, insecurities, failing gracefully, learning from each other, work that never ends, small successes, with tiny moments of happiness - all in the search of purpose and self-meaning." The tracks on the EP follow this process, weaving in and out a narrative we know all too well.

They released the single, 'Lav Lav,' on Valentine's Day - listen below:

"These 4 songs songs were conceived of more than 2 years ago and they still continue to have meaning for us today. It's been a journey but now it's time to take the next step," comments HMLT.

Catch them performing cuts from buu at Burdock, alongside McCallaman, 2nd Son and Desire (ft. Little Lotus). See additional event info here.

About HMLT
For this brother duo, music is a symbiotic relationship that is best experienced together. Ever since they were young, Corey and Taylor have been writing and performing music together. With their father's sense of rhythm and their mother's voice and ear, the brothers continue their journey of musical discovery. From live bands to DJing, church performances to street buskering, Asian food festivals to dirty dive bars, the brothers have done it all. Now they have seamlessly transformed into an live electronic duo called HMLT (pronounced Hamlet), named after their father who passed in 2008. The name is both a tribute and a way to remember and carry on his legacy.


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