INTERVIEW: BanTOR Radio x Paul Chin

Paul Chin, the multidisciplinary artist behind Dancing Drums is in creative purgatory, but not for long. The Cayman Island-born, computer jazz futurist, pursued his post-secondary education at OCAD and built his life in Toronto. But due to unforeseen work permit issues, he has been laying low in his motherland until he is able to return to the city this spring. 

The Cayman Islands are known for their bustling tourism industry, beautiful landscape, warm weather and abundant sunshine. If you’re here on vacation, you’ll never want to leave. But what if you want to?

According to Paul, you might want to exchange the beach and palm trees for a monthly club residency, a dish at your favourite Chinatown joint and a supportive community.

He says his situation reflects “what sitcoms are made of,” but is nothing near comedic. Despite the lack of inspiration in Cayman, Paul has been diligently working towards keeping his passion alight and finding solace in what his return holds. We spent an afternoon with Paul on Skype, chatting about what fuels his work, artistic collaborations and the best siu mai in Toronto.



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