BanTOR Views: Talya Macedo faces fear and failure with grace

Doing anything with fear, means you’re doing it fearlessly. Talya Macedo is proof. The diversely talented creative has blazed her path with tenacity, drive and a willingness to grow. Whether learning from members of her family, the strong community she surrounds herself with, or a network of bold women she both empowers and is inspired by, evolution is the foundation of Talya’s life.

With effortless, signature style and an aura that exudes authenticity, Talya has dipped her toes in numerous industries like the many oceans she has swum in. From working in fashion marketing, public relations, and creative direction, to founding the notable HER Collective, she’s now embedded in Canada's thriving music scene.

Born in Edmonton - but could very well be raised abroad, considering her extensive travel list - spending some time in Vancouver, before settling in Toronto – the universe had it’s plan for Talya, even though her journey hasn’t been spelled out, with twists and turns leading her to the present. Fueled by supreme passion, with a purpose to produce beautiful work, and live with joy, Talya is the definition of a true ally, and a leader in communities both online and in real life. 

Ola hangs out with Talya at her home to chat mentorship, global excursions, speaking your truth, family, culture, going with the flow, her time in the dance community, and – as we always do – food.