Featurette: The Main Event

Bright lights, big sounds, small spaces and festival stages. An audio-visual experience turned up to 11 delivered by a powerful force encapsulated in the duo that is Featurette. This Toronto indie electro pop pair don’t let size or capacity rule, for they execute an unparalleled performance that is sure to move you. Whether your feet on the dancefloor, or in your heart and soul, Featurette’s diverse sonic elements, cathartic lyrics and relentless energy shapeshift any room (or eardrum). Built by singer, Lexie Jay, and drummer, Jon Fedorsen, Featurette is not a fragment, but the main event. With the release of their album, Crave, and recently smashing their first headline show during Canadian Music Week (Read our review of the show here), it’s evident that strides are in every step of their journey. Featurette joined us at Sandbox Studios to share the who, what, when and why.


GALLERY: Featurette @ Adelaide Hall - April 20, 2017 - Canadian Music Week

Read our review of the show here.


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