Live at Frank & Oak - The Interviews

On Saturday, April 23rd, BanTOR Radio hosted a live podcast event at Frank & Oak - a men's fashion and concept boutique from Montreal, Quebec. Didn't make it to the event? Listen to our exclusive interviews with Falcxne and Ascot Royals here.

Along with a wicked selection of curated music, BanTOR Radio's Ola Mazzuca and Nuruddin Qorane sat down with Mississauga-based producer Falcxne, known for both his independent work and collaborations with Ta-ku, The Kount and Tiber. He has close ties to Frank & Oak's hometown of Montreal, where he earned his University degree and was heavily inspired by the city's culture and sound. Falcxne shared his insight on a range of artistic influences, whether they be from personal experiences to definitive albums, collaborating with the city's creatives and what defines his style.

An exclusive interview and acoustic set (to be released on Friday!) from AscotRoyals made the room just as sunny as the weather. The band from Brantford blends elements of classic, indie and dance rock with catchy riffs, melodies and raw emotion. We discussed humble beginnings, overcoming adversity and preaching positive vibes, and their upcoming endeavours.