Event: Syzygy Toronto - A Union of Opposites

Ever wonder what it felt like to feel a genuine connection between a female co-worker, mentor, boss, or client? Maybe they work at the same office, or within the industry - maybe they're that person you see at the gym every morning. No? Can't think of a time off-hand? Me too.

That's where Syzgy Toronto comes in.

They're changing the game in our city when it comes to forward-thinking feminism. By curating "environments for friendship, mentorship, networking, and dialogue," the Toronto network believes that local gatherings are the main ingredient to fostering an authentic sense of "sisterhood." But scrap genetics and similarities - they're all about diversity. What does Syzgy mean, you ask? Yes, it's an English word. Simply put: a "union of opposites."


It's a space for self-identified women to gather and support one another, no matter the origin or journey. Syzygy aims to harness everyone's idiosyncratic value by harnessing collective diversity as a means to tell stories in a unique way.

"We are so excited to be partnering with BanTOR Radio - some of Toronto's finest curators of both local and international music," says Syzygy co-founder, Kailah Bharath. "For Syzygy's upcoming launch gathering, it's important to us that every aspect of the event is in partnership with local female businesses from the decor to the music we play. We are thrilled to be showcasing an eclectic playlist that celebrates female artistry and talent."

Sounds like what something you'd benefit from? You can join the sisterhood at Syzgy Toronto's inaugural gathering on Saturday, May 27th. It's all happening at Diptych Studio, where you can engage in powerful discussion that explores topics like: 

  • building your own business
  • self-care
  • feminist-driven causes

Interactive workshops will be led by three industry leaders in business, wellness and social action. Nourish yourself with drinks and appetizers, engage in positive dialogue and connect with other women in Toronto. It is an event BY and FOR women.

As BanTOR Radio was co-founded by a woman, we are proud to announce that we are an official event partner and music provider for Syzgy Toronto's inaugural event.

See you there?

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Delve into the story behind Syzgy, and their core values, here.