BanTOR Views: Tania Peralta's garden is a community of stories

Tania Peralta is restless. Not because she is a mom (and a fantastic one to her brilliant daughter, Xylo), partner of a fellow creative, owner and brainchild of a publishing house, citizen of Toronto.

She won’t rest until literary spaces are inclusive for Latinx people and diverse communities, so she has created her own. Through Peralta House, Tania has published COYOTES, her notable anthology of prose chronicling illegal immigration in Latinx communities, her family’s journey from Honduras to Canada, and the trauma it leaves behind. An evolving, safe space where other writers can share their stories, Tania ensures underrepresented voices are heard. 

Through Peralta House, I want to continue to be able to tell those stories, and a lot of it is through the moms, and the family dynamic - whatever that looks like.”
Your story is your magic; nobody has that but you. When you’re doing shit sincerely. It’s been helpful for me knowing my power is in my story, my power is in storytelling. When you’re being real, doing shit in real life, you can’t fail.

A writer from time, Tania spent hours making zines as a youth growing up in Port Coquitlam, BC, to establishing herself as a talented music journalist, writing for the likes of Noisey, Pigeons and Planes and Anchor Shop, before sharing deep perspectives in ILY Magazine and her own blog, La Respuesta.

Tania is a champion of raw, real storytelling and encourages this as she continues to pursue her life’s work by supporting other women; through live readings at events and speaking on motherhood as a panelist, perhaps one of her greatest traits is her courage; to be vulnerable, authentic and brazen in saying all the things that need to be said. As she continues to foster a community of writers and release bold content to the masses, I sat down with Tania to discuss her career journey, heritage, raising a family, love for Wu-Tang Clan, being real in real life, and a lesson on the Tao Te Ching.

Good writing makes you revisit yourself.


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For more, read our coverage of Liquid Gold - a panel Tania participated in alongside Sydanie, Lido Pimienta and Martika Gregory in July 2017.

Purchase COYOTES here.

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