Patrik: Everything 100

His flag might rock a Fleur Du Lis, but his area code is 416. Canadian pride and Congolese roots. Honest lyrics and flawless flow. These are some of the things that make Patrik Kabongo the artist he is.

And he puts in work.

Whether simultaneously earning a degree and producing EPs, solo freestyles to collaborating with his X10 Collective, Patrik’s relentless drive fuels fire bars. As an X10 member, Patrik puts in 110% in all pursuits, powered by positive vibes. On stage, he turns it up to 11. With unique delivery of conscious rhymes layered with compelling musicality, and a strong connection with the crowd, Patrik is hard to miss. Which is why he’s someone to watch. We invited him into the studio with us today to chat more about his dynamic presence in the music scene, and journey to date.




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