REVIEW: Before I Met You by Saudin

Despite his debut EP being titled 'Before I Met You' you may have interacted with Mississauga artist Saudin before. That's because the former actor played a recurring role on Degrassi: The Next Generation for 6 years before taking up music. The transition has been seamless as Saudin takes listeners on a journey over the EP's 7 tracks.

The tape features amazing production from fellow Canadian's Jaegan, Matiq, dF and Emjay with 1Mind also contributing. The production has a forward pushing momentum and is best situated for listening while on the move. The EP features tracks like 'The Road', 'Sunset' and 'Passengers' which creates a driving aesthetic that works very well. There's not many things I enjoy more than driving while listening to good music. Stream Saudin's new EP below.