Mosaic Mix Volume 8

It's been a while since the last Mosaic Mix! Our last was released in March for International Women's Day, but we can certainly promise something special with Volume 8.

Spring is on the calendar, but definitely not in the air. As Toronto deals with a whirlwind of temperatures and downpour, we wanted to bring a little bit of sunshine in your life.

Throughout this installment of the Mosaic Mix, we feature artists and sounds by way of Italy, South Asia, Ireland and other parts of the UK, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Singapore, France, Durban, Uganda, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and Toronto. The complete tracklist can be found below.

We kick things off with music from my fatherland – it’s Fabri Fibra’s new single, " Pamplona," featuring Thegiornalisti. I am happy to see one of my favourite rappers return with something both poppy and rap, as his records are quite diverse - a little bit of Italian Top 40 and a little bit of gritty hip hop. American influences definitely shine off of his new record, Fenomeno, which is his ninth studio album. Still producing them hits. Bella, Fabri!

Listen to Mosaic Mix Volume 8:

Mosaic Mix Volume 8 – Tracklist

1.     Pamplona (feat. Thegiornalisti) – Fabri Fibra (Italy)

2.     That’s My Girl – Swet Shop Boys (India, Pakistan, UK)

3.     Bling (feat. Lady Leshurr) – Autoerotique (UK, Toronto)

4.     Fuerza (feat. Nani Castle) – Tony Quattro (Chile)

5.     Royal Highness (feat. Mariel Mariel) – Vicios y Placeres (Chile)

6.     Safari (feat. Pharell, BIA) – J Balvin (Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico, Italy)

7.     Tyrant – Kali Uchis feat. Jorja Smith (Colombia, UK)

8.     Wake Up And Live (feat. Jesse Royal) – Kelissa (Jamaica)

9.     I Dance All Over My Problems (feat. MAS1A) – Shore (Singapore)

10.   Señales De Humo – Mariel Mariel x Guerra Mundial (Chile, Mexico)

11.  City Rise – Gqom! (Durban)

12.  Afro Trap Part 8 (Never) – MHD (France)

13.  Força Força (ft. Lebon, Giovanni Kiyingi and Winnie) – Batuk (Uganda)

14.  Big Drum Beat – Angela Hunte (Trinidad & Tobago)

15.  Down Like This (feat. Tkay Maidza) – Motez (Australia)

16.  Bobby Brown – BIA (USA, Puerto Rico, Italy)

17.  Respeita (feat. DKPVZ) – Sango (Seattle, USA, Brazil)

18.  Uber – EyeAmi (Toronto, Zimbabwe)

19.  Banana Republic – Freshlyground (South Africa)

20.  Guns of Hysteria – Annalie Prime (Trinidad & Tobago)

21.  Friends & Lovers (feat. Stefflon Don) – Bobii Lewis (prod. By KZ and Crada) (UK)

22.  Father Protect Me (Cazzafura Remix) – Keznamdi (Jamaica)

23.  Likes – Chronixx (Jamaica)

24.  1 2 3 4 – Samantha Urbani (UK)

* As we mention Ariana Grande's tour in the commentary supporting BIA's track, Bobby Brown, (#16), please be advised that this mix was produced before the Manchester attack that occurred on May 21st. We wish to acknowledge this and send love and support to the victims, families and city of MCR.