BanTOR Views: Ellen Bryant is riding a wave through every stage

Like those that crash the shore of the beaches in her hometown of Port McQuarie, Ellen Bryant is riding a wave. Good and bad, she takes everything in stride, and embraces life’s journey throughout the ebbs and flows. It’s audible in her sound, the soul driven melodies and emotive lyricism that paints each bar with vulnerability and truth.

Connection is the foundation of Ellen’s work. Now living in Toronto for nearly two years, the multidisciplinary artist has seen a lot in her travels – whether working abroad in Singapore and India, setting the tone in her motherland of Australia, to fueling herself with inspiration from the streets of New Orleans and NYC. Despite this movement, Ellen stays present – and fluid – like water.

She’s been documenting her journey as an artist and woman through a series of shows tied to the process – her September gig, Foundations, explored the groundwork. On Sunday, May 27th, she rocks the Gladstone Hotel with STAGES – an audiovisual foray into the stepping stones of her time in Toronto.

With a stellar, diverse lineup crafting vibes throughout the night, Stages will highlight Ellen at her core, and invite you to rock the tides. I caught up with Ellen for a special Views chat to discuss the creative process behind the event and how she has evolved in the last year. 


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Tracey Kayy
Nomvdslvnd (Nigel Edwards)
Razaq El Toro
Hannia Cheng
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