Versatility is the vibe on McCallaman's new beat tape, FYLP

McCallaman never fails to deliver innovative sounds. Be it his diverse blend of hip-hop driven beats cultivated with elements of electro, funk, soul, R&B, jazz, downtempo (don't forget those gorgeous gospel keys) to his ethereal vocal style, the Toronto artist knows how to work his audience.

From the club to the concert hall, and everything in between, McCallman gives us FYLP - a new beat tape that is dynamic and versatile for any setting. FYLP is an acronym for "For Your Listening Pleasure," and it lives up to its name.

"This project is a compilation of instrumental music I felt necessary to get off my chest, and prepare listeners for what is to come on upcoming records," McCallaman says of the cathartic, fresh piece.

Commencing with the progressive "Don't Quit," McCallaman's synths are wavering as they are determined, weaving in and out of the track with chime-like tones and samples en Espanol.

"Nigeria" follows a groovy rhythm in cut time signatures over a percussive background and foggy minor notes before releasing into a solo of graceful keys. Mid-tape, McCallaman gets nostalgic, as "Night Life" etches its way into your soul as a soundtrack for the wee hours. Drum patterns and funky melody lead the way in this fresh tune that makes you want to hop on the streetcar to your favourite bar. Standout track, "Higher," is by far the top track on the tape. It follows a very definitive McCallaman composition; a gradual beat and pulse that flows with emotions, infectious musicality and the artist's signature vocal style. Closing out the compilation, "Agua" satiates the soul after a sonic emotional journey.

You're probably asking, "how?" as the tape stands at five tracks. But don't let number fool you, for the depth of McCallaman's work speaks for itself. He creates a space for the listener to reflect and interpret their own meaning, in their own pace, with pleasure.   


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Cover art by Miriam Stauble