HMLT & TiKA pay homage to old school sounds with nostalgia-driven single, Gary

Since releasing her sophomore EP, Carry On, to mass critical acclaim, TiK▲ releases her new single, “GARY” today. The single features sibling duo, HMLT, who previously partnered with TiKA on "All Day All Night." On "Gary," the partnership shines through a lively blend of nostalgic keys, soulful verses and funky chords, drawing inspiration from Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye. The single is a soulful take on the love song, borrowing elements of funk to take the listener on an ethereal journey. 

“When we first made the beat we instantly thought of TiK▲, but never actually spoke to her about it. When she randomly came across the beat in our Instagram story she was the first one to send us a message and that to us was a sign," HMLT says of this intuitive connection. "Whenever we collaborate, the process always feels natural and organic allowing the music come out that way - especially for this song. From the instrumentation and lyrics to the concept and artwork, the pieces really just fell in place."

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The song ebbs and flows as the artists do, both unique and driven by emotive sounds in their own right.

"Similarly to when I heard "All Day' All Night" (the instrumental) on Soundcloud, I contacted HMLT right away when I heard "GARY." There are certain songs they create that just sound iconic and timeless. I've been leaning in a direction where I only want to create timeless nostalgic classic sounds. It's been posing really well for me. HMLT and I have a really beautiful and authentic musical relationship that I'm grateful to have found because it's difficult to find producers who hear what you hear in your head," TiKA says.

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"Gary" arrives just in time for Canadian Music Week, where both HMLT and TiKA will hit the stage at The Drake Hotel at a showcase on Thursday, May 10 alongside Sophia Danai, BAYLA. All deliver stunning performances - don't miss it and get your tickets here.

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