Falcxne Releases Timbits III

Old school hip hop producer and overall funky dude, Falcxne, released his anticipated project Timbits III - Last Timbit of the Night, earlier this week. The project is a compilation of all the sounds and genres the Toronto/Montreal producer has been able to master since he started the series years ago. Ancient samples are mixed with baile funk, guitar, piano, 808's and more across the tape's 14 tracks. 

We spoke with Falcxne about the project at our live podcast event at Frank & Oak on Queen Street West last month. He said, "(Timbits) was modeled after J.Dilla's Donuts, basically because it was me figuring out how to make beats when I started out in Montreal. I started out with Timbits 1, Timbits II came out last year and Timbits III is getting pressed to vinyl now!"

What a week to release a mixtape titled after our country's favourite type, as it's National Donut Day on Friday, June 3rd! Find out how and where to celebrate in Toronto via BlogTO.

Check out all 14 songs on Falcxne's SoundCloud page and listen to our entire interview with him below. We talk about his Montreal - Toronto connection, style and of course the music.