NOW HEAR THIS: Vic Mensa rips the price tag off with big questions on "Free Love"

Vic Mensa is an outspoken, brash, intelligent artist that has grown significantly since Innanetape. From drinking Orange Soda, fucking with drugs and getting into trouble, the Chicago native has grown into a thoughtful, innovative, and sometimes poetic, piece of Hip Hop's contemporary puzzle.

On International Pride Day (Tuesday, June 28th), he dropped "Free Love," a highly emotive and collaborative piece featuring Le1f, Halsey, Lil B and spoken word artist Malik Yusef. Commencing with acoustic strums on a swinging melody, Mensa asks "What happened to free love?"

Mensa was inspired by a family member coming out, in addition to the recent events in Orlando, Florida. In an interview with The FADER, Mensa shares his views on sexuality in the hip-hop scene and his wish to achieve inclusiveness and understanding by breaking boundaries.

The lyrics are anthemic, and each artist pops into their verses with unique flair.

Oh, you can fuck who you wanna fuck
You can love who you wanna love
If you’re proud put your lighters up
Then can’t fight this flame we’re burning

I first discovered Le1f when he opened for M.I.A. at the Danforth Music Hall quite some time ago. The audience was enveloped in his command, through the lyrics, light show and Kiki Ball choreography. It's great to see him shine on this track.

Tell me, what you waiting for? If you’re a hater, you’s a hoe
So respect my existence, if not expect my resistance
Nobody needs your permission, stop lettin’ bodies hit the floor
Flow is so loco, similar to how they hate on the cocoa
All in it like Yoko

There's clear connection to the recent Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando. And although timely, Halsey's lyrics show that there's been long-standing ignorance all along.

I got three million kids and they’re crying on my shoulders
The whole wide world covers their ears to the sound
Go and fly your kids first class down to Disney
But ignore that you’re walkin’ on a burial ground
You’d rather wrap your son’s hands ‘round the trigger of a pistol
Than catch him in the mirror with a motherfucking lipstick
Crazy white girls say they tryna free the nipple
But they quiet when somebody pulls a gun on a misfit

Whatever your anthem is this weekend, make sure you get those rainbow lighters up at Pride Toronto. For a complete list of events, visit the website for a complete festival lineup.