BanTOR VIEWS: Bold Like Banshee

They say actions speak louder than words, but what about photos? This seems most fitting for multifaceted photographer, videographer, filmmaker, media artist, and overall creative, Banshee, who lives up to her name when it comes to her bold, shameless, powerful work that calls for social action and stirs up all the feels. Born and bred in Montreal, but now living and working in Toronto (bold the word living), Banshee is no rookie when it comes to the game of humble hustle.


With an extensive portfolio that includes an acting career, exhibitions and travel, she does it all with grace, vulnerability and a fresh perspective. Whether riding her longboard or striding along city sidewalks, Banshee doesn’t need to shout to make a statement, for her art proclaims passion, loud and clear.

We caught up with Banshee in Riverdale to discuss her journey, the power of her work, and why we need to stop and smell the roses.


Featured Tracks:
"Great One" by Jessie Reyez
"Great" by K-Riz (prod. by Feddicash)

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Watch Episode 3 of "What's The Word" - this one is super important. It's all about being YOURSELF.


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