BanTOR Radio x SATE: Telling Truths On RedBlack&Blue

RedBlack&Blue is SATE's latest release. It's out everywhere tomorrow - Friday June 10th - via CLK Creative Works.

"Tomorrow" is a day the Toronto-based artist has been waiting for a while. The album spanned a three-year process, and was funded through a Pledge Music campaign, where fans and supporters could be a part of the journey by receiving the three EPs and voting on tracks to be selected as the final 10 on the release. SATE surpassed her goal, and a portion of the money was donated to The Alzheimer's Society of Canada. Essentially starting from scratch, SATE invested both time and deep intuition to complete the project.

"I had to find a producer, the right person. We went through all the songs, we tweaked them, found what the sound was. Scrapped a lot of stuff. Re-wrote stuff. I really didn't want to rush it. There's no one to rush it for," she says.

 Purchase  RedBlack&Blue   here .

Purchase RedBlack&Blue here.

RedBlack&Blue represents three spirit animals: the red robin, the black panther and the blue butterfly, which also embody characteristics of three influential women. SATE didn't know what to expect when she took on the concept, but she knew what she wanted to FEEL. The artist had the opportunity to explore various emotions, experiences and ideas to create the final product, which is organic, fluid and SATE at her core.

In this follow up interview (Ola interviewed SATE for another publication many years ago), BanTOR Radio sits down with this bold beauty to discuss the artistic process behind RedBlack&Blue, real women, identity, vulnerability and big plans for the future.

Listen to the complete interview and check out SATE's full list of tour dates below.