Clairmont The Second drops self-directed video for power track, "A Declaration"

"Spell my name correctly, spell my name correctly/ not the way you think/ the way you see me spell it/ just know my reign surpreme/ there's no need to question."

West Toronto's young King Clairmont (The Second) has a lot to say. But the talk isn't cheap. There's power in each verse, comprised of prolific words executed with assertiveness. The multidisciplinary artist self-directed the video for "A Delcaration," the first track off of his forthcoming album, Quest For Milk and Honey, which will be released on July 3rd.

The video's concept was developed entirely by Clairmont, with co-direction and cinematography credits to Jorden Lee and Shot by Shakes. Brother Colanthony Humphrey is responsible for the wicked title sequence.

Check out the dark, brooding video below.

The video's setting adds ambience to the key-laden composition and Clairmont's confident tone. As gun shots cut the intro sample of his track, "Late Night Rides" (fitting for the opening sequence), the friendly vibe dissipates and we witness bold, brazen Clairmont in his delivery of "A Declaration."

BanTOR Radio had the honour of featuring Clairmont The Second as our first artist interview in April 2015. Check it out here, or click on one (or all) of the multimedia segments from the feature below.